BSS Boray was established in 2004 in order to provide service in GSM sector. BSS Boray, the contracted solution partner of Turkcell and Vodafone on network infrastructure projects in GSM sector in Turkey, has added global companies such as Avea, Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, NSN, Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei into its customer portfolio. 

BSS Boray started to work on prefabricated products by the end of 2006. Through their sense of quality and professionalism in their works, the company has managed to add the leading companies of the sector to their customer portfolio in a short time.

Companies such as Türkmenoğlu İnşaat, Çukurova Grubu, Arkas Holding, İzmir Demir Çelik, MNG Kargo, Astaldi İnşaat,Baytur, Koray İnşaat, TurkMALL, Yapı KZ, Nata-Yorum İnşaat, MT İnşaat, Endem İnşaat, Günay İnşaat, Al-Sahari, Al-Kubra, Sistem İnşaat, Burak İnşaat, Pilenpak, Ercanlar Yumurta, Tuar İnşaat, Remda İnşaat, Sürtaş İnşaat, İnada Çelik, Alonmak Makine, Çevtest, Yaralı Plastik, Caf Otogaz, Demoto, Kare Mimarlık, Paşa Cıbyra Mermer Madencilik, Tatu İnşaat, Bakan İnşaat, ELP Mühendislik, Savkan İnşaat are added to our customer portfolio quickly. Moreover, BSS provides service to Turkish Coast Guard Command, Gendarmerie General Command, Foça Sea Naval Command, Turkish SAT (Special Operations Unit) Command, Ministry of Justice (Osmaniye Prison), Ministry of Health (Sakarya Training Hospital), TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Association), Çine Municipality  which are the government agencies that have high standard acceptance criteria. Our company has also carried out prefabricated house projects for our individual customers.

Having the capacity to give after-sale and mounting/demounting support by means of its qualified personnel, BSS Boray is able to construct single-floor or high-rise structures in accordance with the customer requests.
Our company which respect and attach importance quality applied for ISO 9001 in 2008 revision at the beginning of 2009 and became entitled to this certificate.  BSS Boray feels right proud of being one of the first companies which started to render service to their customers with renewed ISO 9001.

BSS Boray became entitled to obtain IP54 certificate as a result of the tests carried out in TSE laboratories in the year 2008. In this way, insulation of our products against water and dust has been guaranteed.

BSS Boray added the EN-60950 product safety certificate to its quality certificates by accomplishing all tests which were performed by Emitel-AG company..   

As a result of the investments made by the company in 2010, BSS Boray has begun to provide service with its 30.000 m² closed area. The company has started its activities in Manisa Organized Industry Zone with its personnel having the capacity to conduct the production of rockwool panel, EPS panel, EPS, single floor houses, double-floor houses and worksite buildings according to the requirements. BSS Boray, which also fulfills its legal liabilities by obtaining CE certificates of the sandwich panels manufactured by the company, took it as its duty to complete all progresses required for quality at the stage of establishment of the company. 

BSS Boray has Research & Development, as well as Quality Laboratories. It carries out the quality control of its products in its Laboratory in compliance with Turkish and international standards. It quickly became distinguished in the sector due to its correct, quality and competitive products. 

BSS Boray is able to manufacture pre-fabricated houses which are resistant to earthquake thanks to its seamless construction technology.

BSS Boray shall continue to follow its sector closely with its quality and unique production process, its innovative strategy and its service mentality that shapes the future.